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Cliff’s Wish List: Volume 1

January 14, 2007

  • I wish Paul Shaffer would lead the band and shut up.
  • I wish Kahlil Greene didn’t look like Sean Penn.
  • I wish I had a million bucks. Hot Dog!
  • I wish I was the Walrus.
  • I wish I had 3 wishes that were sure to come true.
  • I wish Republicans weren’t so self-righteous.
  • I wish Abe Lincoln was still president.
  • I wish pop was still a dime.
  • I wish Roy could have Thanksgiving Leave.
  • I wish I knew how 0’s and 1’s can become songs.
  • If I was a song, I wish I was Layla.
  • I wish I Knew if the Chicken came before the Egg.



© 2007 Clifton Eastham


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