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Congress Should But-out of “Spygate”

February 16, 2008

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has taken it upon himself to “look into” the situation which has become known as “spygate”. As you may or may not know, the New England Patriots were found guilty of spying on other teams via video tapes. They, along with Coach Bill Belichick have been punished and fined. Case closed, tapes destroyed. Or so, you would think.

Enter the Congress of the United States of America. Spending our tax money on helping feed the poor, fixing the hole in the frigging ozone, or trying to do something useful is not what they are about. No, they want to stick their nose into professional sports. Since when did they become part of the judicial system?

Wouldn’t the average person believe that enough is enough when fines have been levied and punishment meted out? Yes, they would. But, my good friends, we are talking about the U.S. Government. Uncle Sugar doesn’t like it when they can’t stick their nose into somebody’s business. Sen. Specter is not pleased with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the matter, which falls under Goodell’s jurisdiction.

“I’m determined to go forward,” said Specter, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee. “You have answers and positions where [Goodell] is saying that with the destruction of tapes that, ‘We did the right thing. We’re absolutely sure.’ “Well, that is absurd … Goodell says things that don’t make sense.”

If we had a lull in world wars, economic oppression, starvation, people living in refrigerator boxes, maybe I could see why they would want to look around at other activities.

Senator Specter, do what you were sent to Washington to do. Write some more useless frigging laws with so much bullshit tied to it that they can’t get passed. But leave professional sports to those who are entrusted to oversee them.

© 2008 Clifton Eastham. All Rights Reserved

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