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Will Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Knock Out Sugar Shane Mosley?

April 28, 2010

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Has anyone entertained the thought that Floyd Mayweather may knockout Shane Mosley on Saturday night?

I didn’t think so.

Floyd has never been hurt (I mean HURT), but obviously Mosley can’t say the same thing.

In Mosley’s first pro fight with Vernon Forrest, he found himself on the canvas in the second round. Forrest (may he rest in peace) was not considered a power puncher.

What would happen if just once, PBF opened up and showed the warrior mentality? I mean the grit, the rawness, the savage that is in us all waiting to be released. I am speaking of the decision to knockout or be carried out on your shield.

Would his underrated power show through? Would his devastating speed be enough to show Mosley his 38-year-old legs are not what they used to be?

This is food for thought, but as a boxing purist I am smiling as I write this piece. I believe Money has the ability, and all the tools, it takes to end the fight within three rounds. That being said, it probably won’t happen.

The fact remains that even though his defense is unparalleled in boxing history, and his speed is second to none, there is caution in his makeup that is frustrating to his fans.

Mosley can be hurt, Forrest showed us that. His resilience shone through and he collected himself in time to just be beaten badly, but not stretched out.

Had that been Money who had him on the canvas, I believe he would have finished him off. Just sayin’.

Mayweather always comes to the job in shape. His punches are like missiles being launched from a fighter jet with laser precision. He could sustain an assault for as long as it would be necessary.

If he would ever just “let ’em rip”, I think the boxing world would be shocked and awed.

Mosley is not a can of tomatoes or a punching bag, thus the rub. He will be throwing hands himself. He wasn’t nicknamed Sugar for nothing. He is most likely a future Hall of Famer regardless of the outcome of this fight.

Does Money have one-punch KO power? No. But you don’t have to be hit in the head with an anvil to be incapacitated. Usually 20 or 30 bees in your face can prevent you from doing anything but retreating. I speak from experience.

Will Money knock him out?

Probably not, though I think he could. I look for him to do what we have been accustomed to seeing. He beating his opponent to the punch consistently, using his defense in a superb fashion, and winning the fight decisively by points.

What are your thoughts? Be nice.

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