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Congressman Says FBI Should Halt Clemens’ Investigation reported that Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has sent a letter to the FBI asking them to stop the investigation of Roger Clemens. He said “the FBI is too busy with more important crimes to spend time trying to determine if the ex-Yankees pitcher lied to Congress about taking performance-enhancing substances.”

“Roger Clemens has been shamed” he went on, “I think the public record is replete with examples of how he did not likely tell the truth. What is the public benefit of continuing with an FBI investigation?”

Well Sir, the public benefit of continuing the investigation is to determine if Roger Clemens willfully and blatantly lied to the Congress of the United States of America. The same USA, whose Constitution you pledged to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I believe Roger would fall into the domestic category.

If I told a lie to Congress they wouldn’t hesitate to lock me up and lose the key. Should Roger Clemens be treated differently than Barry Bonds. We are comparing Apples to Apples here, sir. Actually Steroids to Steroids, and Lies to Lies. Because Roger is white and Bonds is black, should Roger get preferential treatment? I think not.

The good Congressman is not a member of the House Oversight and Government Committee, which heard from Clemens. I don’t know if Roger Clemens is one of his heroes or what the reason could be to make him believe Roger is above the law.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Weiner wrote: “Whether or not Roger Clemens may have committed perjury should not compete with real national security threats for the FBI’s time, attention and resources.”

Yes, while we are at it, lets forget to prosecute the drug dealers, thieves, murderers, tax evasionists and just concentrate on terror.

I have said it before in this Blog and I will say it again. If Barry Bonds is prosecuted and found guilty then Roger Clemens had better do the same or we may see a racial divide which this country hasn’t experienced in some time.

And you Mr. Representative, why dontcha do what you are paid to do? Write some more laws that one of your colleagues may think is a waste of time and not prosecutable in the name of National Defense.


Is Obama The Antichrist?


As I was preparing to research for this article, I hadn’t heard anyone refer to him as the AC. Boy was I surprised when I googled him. I got 178,000 hits for the question. “Is Obama the Antichrist?”.

At least I am not “one crying in the wilderness” or a loose cannon by writing such a piece as this.

I would also like to preface this article by saying that I have nothing against Obama. I don’t feel he is qualified at this point to lead America. I would like to see Hillary receive the nomination and ask Obama to be her running mate. At any rate we will have either a woman or a black as president for the first time in history.

Born to a Kenyan father and an American mother, he spent most of his childhood in Honolulu, Hawaii. From ages six to ten, he lived in Jakarta with his mother and Indonesian stepfather. A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, Obama worked as a community organizer, university lecturer, and civil rights lawyer before running for public office and serving in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. After an unsuccessful bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000, he announced his campaign for U.S. Senate in 2003.

His knowledge about his African father, who returned once for a brief visit in 1971, came mainly through family stories and photographs. Of his early childhood, Obama writes: “That my father looked nothing like the people around me—that he was black as pitch, my mother white as milk—barely registered in my mind.”Dreams from my Father describes his struggles as a young adult to reconcile social perceptions of his multiracial heritage. He wrote that he used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years to “push questions of who I was out of my mind”.

As I googled the question I clicked on several websites. Here are excerpts from some of those sites:

  • “I think you are right, he will be the next President of the United States and that means that possibly by definition he will become the anti-christ. We all know that 2012 is the year of the anti-christ and that whoever is elected President in the next election will precide (sic) over the coming of the anti-christ. I never thought that the next President would BE the anti-christ as I thought it would more likely be someone in the Middle East.”

  • “He also fits the profile in other ways! We know the anti-christ is described as a ‘young’ man and that he does not know at this point in history that he ‘is’ the anti-christ. It all fits.”

  • “We’ve been wondering what’s up with this whole “Obama ‘08!” excitement, because the guy hasn’t actually done anything but win his first Senate race after Republican Jack Ryan had to drop out. (Ryan was caught trying to peddle his wife’s ass at Sex Clubs)
  • “In summation, Obama claims to be a Christian, yet he has consistently taken sides with the ungodly. I have no doubt that he may be “religious,” but not Christian. I suspect that radical Muslims have no problem with Christians and other infidels killing their unborn children. It’s the modus operandi of the fanatics of Islam”.

If you look closely at the suddenness of his popularity, the mass appeal, the lack of experience, the constant calling for a “change”, you can’t help but ask some serious questions. Especially if you are a Christian and believe the Bible.

Not to sound like a bigot or a racist (which I most certainly am not) or a profiler, his name itself is frightening for a United States President. With a middle name like Hussein, you just have to scratch your head and ask hard questions.

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Congress Should But-out of “Spygate”

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has taken it upon himself to “look into” the situation which has become known as “spygate”. As you may or may not know, the New England Patriots were found guilty of spying on other teams via video tapes. They, along with Coach Bill Belichick have been punished and fined. Case closed, tapes destroyed. Or so, you would think.

Enter the Congress of the United States of America. Spending our tax money on helping feed the poor, fixing the hole in the frigging ozone, or trying to do something useful is not what they are about. No, they want to stick their nose into professional sports. Since when did they become part of the judicial system?

Wouldn’t the average person believe that enough is enough when fines have been levied and punishment meted out? Yes, they would. But, my good friends, we are talking about the U.S. Government. Uncle Sugar doesn’t like it when they can’t stick their nose into somebody’s business. Sen. Specter is not pleased with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the matter, which falls under Goodell’s jurisdiction.

“I’m determined to go forward,” said Specter, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee. “You have answers and positions where [Goodell] is saying that with the destruction of tapes that, ‘We did the right thing. We’re absolutely sure.’ “Well, that is absurd … Goodell says things that don’t make sense.”

If we had a lull in world wars, economic oppression, starvation, people living in refrigerator boxes, maybe I could see why they would want to look around at other activities.

Senator Specter, do what you were sent to Washington to do. Write some more useless frigging laws with so much bullshit tied to it that they can’t get passed. But leave professional sports to those who are entrusted to oversee them.

© 2008 Clifton Eastham. All Rights Reserved

Where Are They Now? – Jim Messina

Jim Messina was born on December 5, 1947.

As a singer, writer, guitarist, producer and engineer, Jim Messina has performed with such rock bands as Buffalo Springfield, Poco and Loggins & Messina, performing everything from country to pop and rock.

He began playing the guitar at the age of five. He soon became interested in the guitar playing of Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson. Messina’s career began at the age of 17 when a deejay heard him and asked him to produce two albums. The albums were unsuccessful but launched Messina into a producing and engineering career. He stayed with the deejay as his assistant, producing and recording albums for new Jim Messinaartists. With his new knowledge of producing, he eventually became the second engineer at Hollywood’s Sunset Sound. He produced albums for such music greats as the Doors, Lee Michaels, Herb Albert and others.

He began producing music for Buffalo Springfield, which he became a member of when he replaced bassist Bruce Palmer.

Messina and Richie Furay another Buffalo Springfield member, formed Poco after Buffalo Springfield broke up. Messina played lead guitar and supplied vocals and some songwriting to the band. After recording two albums, Messina left Poco.

After he left Poco, Jim served as an independent producer for Columbia Records when he met Kenny Loggins. Eventually, the two decided to put out the album as “Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin’ In”.

Loggins and Messina became a hit together. They went on to publish several albums together until they split in 1976. Kenny wanted to begin a solo career and thought that he had learned as much as he could from his ‘mentor’, Jim Messina.

They both began solo careers and unfortunately Jim’s did not have the same success that Loggins enjoyed.He did keep busy by painting and as a songwriting coach. He now runs the successful Jim Messina’s Songwriters’ Performance Workshop.

His revival included singing and touring again with Poco on their 1989 reunion release, Legacy.

In 2005, Loggins and Messina reconnected and decided to hit the road as a duo again. The result was a successful nationwide tour that produced the CD and DVD “Loggins and Messina Sittin’ In Again.”

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My Best of All the Rest: Volume 5

  • My Best Italian Restaurant is Fazolis
  • My Best Golfer of all time is Tom Kite
  • My Best Bowler of all time is Earl Anthony
  • My Best Men’s Tennis Player of all time is Jimmy Connors
  • My Best Women’s Tennis Player of all time is Chris Evert


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Assigning the Blame – Volume 5

  • I Blame Ted Turner for 24/7 News, ad nauseum
  • I Blame Tiki Barber for Eli Manning’s sudden rebirth
  • I Blame L. Ron Hubbard for Scientology
  • I Blame the late Rev. Jerry Falwell for the widespread blending of Religion and Politics
  • I Blame a bigger strike zone as part of the reason for more Home Runs

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Assigning the Blame – Volume 4

  • I Blame MTV’s “Real People” for the flood of current reality shows
  • I Blame NBA officials for missing so many “palming” calls
  • I Blame Moses Malone for high school players wanting to jump straight to the NBA
  • I Blame Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese for the trend of former baseball players becoming TV announcers
  • I Blame Mark Goodson and Bill Toddman for every game show that’s on TV
  • I Blame Soap Operas for 27% of all Affairs
  • I Blame Insomniacs for almost all Infomercials
  • I Blame Indians for moccasins
  • I Blame African tribes for shrunken heads
  • I Blame Wal-Mart for having most of their suppliers in China

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